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Hardware advice for technician must read

04-15-2017, 03:18 AM,


Hardware Advice's for Technicians Read Before Rework!

Most important in repair when you receive an device for repair is first INVESTIGATION under stereo-microscope entire board to OBSERVE damaged,missing,corroded,burned etc  components. Communicate to the costumer to find out what is the main cause came from.That is the best method to detect the fault first.
Knowledge about parts and those function is necessarily need.I saw a many mobile technician who have no idea about parts and engaged on repairing.so,function about the parts is highly RECOMMENDED.
Always use dc power supply,to observe shorting or leakage or use multi meter.

Not all filters or resistors can jumped with wire that is mistake,for example filter that stay near LCD connector for light if you jump it this will overload the ic and coil even PMIC and can burn as a result you will need to replace light coil or ic in place of small filter,this why to jump is NOT RECOMMENDED.Among them low value resistor you can jumped at all.



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